October 30, 2018

Practice Makes Perfect

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Prevail and Progress

Achieve Words Indicating Wordcloud Prevail And Progress

Practice makes perfect is the old adage. That’s one of the reasons why we go through so many explorations of different rooms in a game setting. We develop expertise of that room. That’s why in sports there are hours of practice before the main event. Much like learning the course of a 5K or a marathon – no surprises and better performance. You know what to expect and have practiced various ways of handling the situation before going into the real event. That’s why practice and rehearsals are so important for speakers, presenters, and performers (of whatever nature).

Likewise, the more we master different environments, the more expertise and exposure we have, the greater mastery we develop and the better we become at being nonplussed in new situations.

Being able to recognize what objects (or obstacles, or even personalities) are in the environment provide increased confidence and the ability to more readily anticipate where they will be hidden and then exposed with dispatch and little, if any, alarm.

We just need to keep in mind that the practice is also fun while providing education in many aspects as well as developing expertise. However, it’s also important to put that expertise to use in meaningful ways. Otherwise, the older job seeker, worker, or individual living with an impairment becomes just another outspoken oddity to be tolerated but not heard. While developing the expertise, include refinement to what’s brought to bear. Make certain, in agreeable ways, that you’re heard and sought for the insights and advantages you can provide.

However, the important thing is to remember that practice makes perfect. Practice develops expertise. Expertise eliminates fear and anxiety and the desire to press on for even better challenges that lead to additions to our list of accomplishments. But be certain that list of accomplishments has meaning. Put it to use in areas that matter. Get people started talking about how great you are.

Most of all, just be really good at what you do.

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