April 11, 2018

Behind the Scenes

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A Churning Ocean at Sunset or a Beacon?

A Churning Ocean at Sunset or a Beacon?

Well, it seems this is a little tardy for what it was intended to do back on March 21. But the message still applies and was underscored in regard to its importance. The message was all set to be published except for a couple of minor, fine tuning details. Somehow a “bug” affected my browser and it crashed, taking the entire blog post with it while not preserving any of the auto-saved content. This happened five more times.

Did I learn my lesson after the first crash, or the second? Nope. I continued to strive to share the content. In the process, I became increasingly discouraged. About two weeks later (a new anti-virus software, and a support ticket opened for the browser), it finally dawned on me to save often and save in an alternate space as well.

That’s part of the message from last month. Although we want to put forth the perfect image to the world, there are things that happen that either prevent that from happening or cause delays in the manifestation. It’s the behind the scenes stuff that we just don’t talk about. It’s a bit embarrassing to have the world know about our “failures.”

They’re not failures. They’re learning opportunities. They’re called gaining experience. It’s the stuff of shaping how much determination we have for our goals. And the stuff that happens that impacts immediate compared with delayed is called Life. Life happens.

Life stories is what I wanted to share with you via a guest podcast from Mark Minard. He graciously consented to allow use of his Facebook Live episode to share some significant stories about the stuff we don’t see that went into creating that perfect image.

Without further ado, please go over to the “Entrances: Refueling” channel to hear Mark’s message and grow from it. Be inspired by it. You’ll find it at “The Back Story” on YouTube.

Well, actually, you could also subscribe to the channel so you’ll know about other additions and guest appearances. And you could leave a comment or strike up a conversation about what you heard. I’m certain Mark would love to have you visit his site to hear more of his inspiring messages.

Just realize that just because there are setbacks is not a reason to give up. Simply take a break to consider what happened. Then re-strategize and continue on your journey to being the best you know you can be. Let that part of you show. When it comes to the interview question about how you feel about your disappointments, share one item and take responsibility for what happened while also talking about the intensified growth that came out of that experience as well as how that knowledge can be used to the potential employer’s benefit for helping to make their business more successful.


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