February 18, 2018

There Are Options

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As 2017 was about to close and as we approached the anniversary of the new administration, it became apparent that some were going through various forms of anxiety to the point of considering drastic alternatives. Some motivation, encouragement, and support were the ingredients needed. So I began making videos on YouTube for the sake of that population.

The early installments anticipate being a mirror of where the low point has brought us. We begin with some basics about rising from the ashes in order to get refueled and back to doing the positive things aimed at making new entrances through those doors of opportunity. (They really do exist, you know.)

Some folks have been knocking on the same types of doors for so long that they now have blisters. Some have resigned themselves to the concept that they will never get in and they should accept the notion that they’re not qualified. Nope. I’m not buying that idea. There are options. In “Another Door,” we discover there are other ways to get inside and even some things we were blind to that we’ve been nesting for a very long time.

Do you know someone who can use a shot in the arm? It’s easy to subscribe. Leave your comments here or at Yvonne LaRose, Lively Voice on YouTube.

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