February 20, 2016


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Getting to "There"

Getting to “There”

Where are you going? What are you even doing? There are times when we feel nothing is working. We overlook the growth that has become part of our being and the small victories that have to do with our being better today than in the past.

“But it’s been so hard,” is the objection that can be voiced. “But I’ve so little to show for how much I’ve sacrificed or lost,” is yet another objection that is typically expressed.

To you, there is little. The fact that you are aware of your circumstances (as you see them) is significant because it means you’re still aware of how you may appear to the rest of the world. Still, those self doubts also show. And the fact that you’ve been putting forth so much effort has some residual benefits.

Keep pressing forward to meet your goals. Adjust them upward when you’ve reached a milestone. Be careful that you don’t push so hard that you are your own undoing. Take rest breaks in order to savor the accomplishments and let them soak in. Periodically reward yourself with some small token of favor.

Let me leave you with these thoughts: You’re working toward being a winner. Move forward and win with your new skills and stop playing in the kindergarten sandbox!

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